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Lindzay\\your heart is ripshit

Hye. My name is Lindzay. Im a dark poetry writer. Here are two examples of my works below-- just to see whether you think Im worthy to join this community or not... =) Thanks. And PLEASE! comment.

60 pills.

60 pills lay in my hand
a bloody puddle sinking into sand
soft waves soothe my deeper scars
my mind is trapped- trapped behind bars
im screaming for closure and a ray of release
something to save me from my inner most beast
Ive lost all my will, my mind and my sanity
all that is left is a bitch with her vanity
I cannot imagine what to do now
everythings a blur, a shadow, a cloud
Im contemplating death with each passing second
my life is a twist, a sickening fate beckoned
im a pawn in your game, your laughter of evil
you killed me you fucker, you manipulative weasle.

It's YOUR fault I'm dead

Watch them falling, my tears of red
Oh baby don't you know?
It's YOUR fault I'm dead
I gave you my love and you cast me aside
You said that you loved me back
But guess what. . . you lied.
Don't go saying that you didn't do it
You did, you know it, and I know it too
The painful words that you said to me
Set me to become the deathly key
The knife the key, my arm the lock
Hear the clock-- tick tock, tick tock.
You walk it, and fall in shock
You said you was teasing
Bullshit the lot.
I know you meant it
Every last word
And, then the phone rings
"Guess what I've heard. . ."
She mumbles and mutters
You listen with ache
Then the line comes, your little mistake
You start to panic and ask what she said
She sighs, and repeats
"It's YOUR fault I'm dead. . ."
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