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Lindzay\\am i your mechanical bride?

Just a poem I wrote about 5minutes ago, after hearing some lyrics from a song on Marilyn Manson's album; Mechanical Animals

Am I your mechanical bride?
If I am, what will I find?
100 black roses scattered on the bed
50 dark nightmares attached in my head
25 pills of prozac addiction
5 days left until my conviction

Am I your mechanical bride?
If that is so, why have you lied?
Torn me down like a little rag-doll
Beat me, hurt me, dug my hole
All my suffering builds up as one
'Til that day I die in the sun

Am I your mechanical bride?
Do you feel the need to hide?
Watch as the ring goes on my finger
Feel the knife on my wrist linger
Hear the bells chime out our names
I died today and stopped your games
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