seventy-twelve-thirty-six-four (78four569six46) wrote in torturedartists,

not lonley but alone with good company

i never finish anything... and i love that.
so here are some "unmastered masterpieces"
::note: some of these aren't exactly poems but related thoughts::

-into a sea of smiling faces and unadmirable intentions, the synthetic figures exchange resonant phrases they like to call conversation.

-i watch minutes ticking past
i wonder where they go
i'm existing in a dream
sweet, so sweet, so slow

-do i know you?
i think we've met before
but i cannot say where
and neither of us remember

-i'm alive, and living so much i barely survive.

-ah the circles you run, looking for an end
you're making all of your mistakes again.

-there can be only what you believe yourself to see,
so lets inside our head make this world a heaven.

-... i don't practice organizing the world into phrases.

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